Bold, Innovative Leadership for A Safe, Prosperous Henry County.

Army Veteran; Dedicated Husband; Business Owner:

Pete Peterson is a Retired Army Officer with over 23 years of distinguished military service. Among his military postings were, Germany, Korea, Kuwait, and Iraq. Consequently, he deployed twice to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)--with the fabled 3rd Infantry Division. His military decorations include the Bronze Star and a host of Meritorious Service Medals.


Pete and his wife Anita have been married for over 31 years; and have been residents of Henry County/Stockbridge for approximately 18 years. The Petersons have two adult children and two  grandsons. Anita and both children are military Veterans as well.


Also Pete is Owner and Consultant with P&A Training Solutions in McDonough, Georgia--where they are proud Henry Chamber Members. P&A is a premiere training, education, and leadership development company -- committed to exceeding the instructional needs of its clients. P&A's primary goal is to "build better Leaders and Teams" in order to produce High-Performance organizations.  

Pete and Anita are currently members of Community Bible Church (CBC) on Jodeco Road in Stockbridge. While Pete serves as a Teaching Pastor, Anita is a Youth Instructor.

Henry County Government / Community Involvement:

As a Candidate for District 4 Commissioner, Pete Peterson is uniquely qualified to help foster and develop a safe, prosperous Henry County--with improved transportation and enhanced  infrastructure.


With this said, Pete currently has the support and endorsement of a majority of the Board of Commissioners (BOC)--including:

Board Chair, June Wood;

District 4 Commissioner, Blake Prince;

District 3 Commissioner, Gary Barham; 

District 1 Commissioner, Johnny Wilson


Because of his leadership and commitment to Henry County, Pete currently serves as a Zoning Advisory  Board Member (County At Large); and Board of Elections Nominating Committee Member.


To ensure he knows the pulse and the challenges of the County, Pete routinely attends; Board of Commissioners' meetings; Development Authority Meetings; Board of Elections Meetings; and is a long-time member of the Henry Chamber of Commerce.

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